Waiting For Alice

Waiting For Alice is Susan Mendel's delightfully whimsical creation exploring what would happen if bad timing caused Alice to miss the Mad Hatter while on her adventures in Wonderland.

Waiting for Alice

 It wasn't supposed to be like this. The first Alice had left the tea party in such a huff.
Since then there had been others, but this Alice was late......... very..... very..... late.
The Mad Hatter is heartbroken. After all he'd tried. Endless days spent setting the table, preparing  tea and waiting. And then, on the brink of madness he gives up and heads off through the woods in search of her. But what's this? A little girl in the distance, weary but oh so curious. Alice runs towards the table and finding it fully adorned, makes herself quite at home. What fun she has trying on the Hatter's hat and slurping her tea rudely in the sun with no one about to tell her how to behave. But where does the time go? It is getting very late and she really must go.
Tragically, the Hatter returns to discover he has missed Alice. His madness gets the better of him and in a fit of rage he smashes the table and all it's finery.

The Hatter's Fit
11"x14" image vintage film edition
$550  Sold

Series One:  Waiting For Alice


Series Two: The Mad Hatter

After leaving Wonderland in a fit of temper, the Mad Hatter finds a mysterious portal and upon entering it, finds himself in the modern world. He wanders the unfamiliar streets completely in awe of what he sees to begin his relentless search for young Alice. Through his madness he is unable to grasp the concept that Alice may have grown up.


Mad Hatter In The City Series
Image One:  Release date August 1, 2015 

Limited edition Fine Art print  18"x24" signed, premium quality matted and framed.

Series Three: Far From Wonderland

Susan's latest creative work with a fine art vibe.   
Featuring Alice and the Hatter each wandering the city, both alone and searching.
The Hatter, confused, bewildered and exhausted considers giving up.  Will he ever find her?                         

There had always been something different about her.
Now it all made sense..........
her obsessive curiosity, her love of books, skeleton keys and all things blue........

and of course............. hats.

"Time for tea................... Alice?.......................Alice?    Where ARE you?"