About Susan


Susan is a full time Professional Photographer, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her framed works of art are available for purchase at the North Vancouver Art Council’s Animal Farm Exhibition and at Tartooful Gallery and Painted With Love.  Some of Susan’s works are also available for rent through the North Vancouver Art Council’s art rental program. 


Her father’s gift of a camera when she was nineteen ignited her creative passion, further supported with the gift of a portable dark room a year later. In the era when photos only appeared after a roll of film was developed, Susan was also developing her skills as a photographer.

With a clear vision, Susan progressed to a digital camera while her skill progressed from documenting weddings, child portraits, and landscapes to capturing the essence of horses and staging and capturing wild, whimsical, fairy tales.


Current Works

Susan is now traveling throughout Canada and the United States photographing wild horses and old and abandoned buildings and towns.  She captures the beauty of a mud-encrusted pony, the dusty floor of an old barn, or a ray of morning light spreading through the dilapidated roof of an old building.  She is skilled at capturing the emotion of these moments.

Susan has produced and photographed two whimsical fairy tales that spring board off the universally popular Alice in Wonderland.  The impact of the images and the exceptional stories that she has to tell are beyond the predictable, following in the footsteps of Lewis Carroll. Susan takes the Carroll characters through further adventures in time shifting, joy and freedom, and explores the shedding of the stifling etiquette of the Victorian era. Watch for Susan’s multi-media release of these images and stories.


Susan is committed to expose both genuine beauty and emotion in her works.

I feel blessed to be able to share my passion and creativity with you.
— Susan